Still here.

I’m using this only sparingly, as the battery is nearly dead. The power is still out.

The thing is, I just have to talk to someone. It’s cold. I’m hungry. And I’m afraid.

There is a body in here, stuffed in the corner. I think it’s a Grotian. It’s wrapped in a sheet.

Maybe I should admit something to you. I haven’t been completely open about who I am. That’s because I wanted to just be my own person… and I was afraid.

But I think I may have been taken for leverage. I’m not sure what they’ll do. This is not the way to bring about peace.

Some of you have said you think I’m in the basement of Purity Towers. That makes sense. I think you’re right. Who would do that? Is the basement important? Or is it just a place for them to keep me?


1 Response to “Still here.”

  1. 1 Kandiman
    September 15, 2009 at 6:25 am

    We fear that the body may be Melvin, so be prepare for a shock. We do need you to search the body, however, for there may be things we can ascertain from that.

    Don’t fret about not being open about who you are. Many of us, myself included, suspect that you are the son of President Garfield. Working on that premise, I am trying to negotiate with your father at the behest of the deputies.

    Assuming you are his son, you may be the key to resolving this situation. What more can you tell us about your father?

    As far as we can tell, very few people are aware of the basement’s existence. We only found out about it because Phillip Thomas happened to mention it in passing to the Sticky Itchers guy, who made us a map. I will try to find out more about why you’re down there.

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