Where am I?

I’m feeling around the walls, but it’s all bare here. I don’t remember much.

I was typing a message to you, and then the Grotians stopped talking. They grabbed me. Hit me. Covered my face and lifted me off the ground, though I kicked and yelled. I remember being moved across the room, away from the kitchen, I think, to a door that sounded like they had to pry it open. They climbed down a ladder with me over their shoulders, but I fell. I hit my head on the ground. Now I’m here. I think I’m alone, although — there may be something in the corner. It isn’t moving.

What has happened? Where am I?

I’m going to wait to update again. The power is going out of my phone, and the light from its screen barely gives me anything at all.


1 Response to “Where am I?”

  1. 1 Kandiman
    September 13, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    I didn’t see exactly where they took you. But from your description I think you’re probably at basement level in the lift shaft on the East side of the building.

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