Grotian release #4

We’re done. Some brave Grotians have been saved. Some have been lost. This is a bittersweet victory because it came at such a price.

When I think of the families who lost their loved ones today, when I think of the senseless destruction of lives, I think of us: the Grotian Underground and the People’s Proscript Party. What do we stand for? We all want peace and harmony in the Zone, and yet we stand apart. Who is the true enemy? Are we really in opposition of one another?

Today’s losses are as much my fault as anyone else’s. I should have encouraged you to share all information you could. The deputies I contacted chose to work on their own, desperately pulling at what they could to bring things to a happy conclusion. Unfortunately, this was impossible against the security measures that President Jameson himself put into place.

We tried. But we can do better. I know we can. Now is the time to start working together. I am tired of hiding in here, “living on the inside.” I need to look outside of my own fear and paranoia. I need to think of what will benefit the Proscripts and Grotians alike. Melvin would have wanted this. Now I see what moved him to action.

I TrustGU. I TrustPPP. I TrustYou.

Trust each other.

Fight the true enemy.


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